The procedure and conditions of publication

  1. The article must be formatted in accordance with the submission requirements. Submission of materials is allowed throughout the year with a waiting period for publication - up to 6 months.
  2. The article is uploaded to the electronic account through the "Make a new submission" tab. All correspondence with the editors is carried out through an electronic office.

ATTENTION! Delivery of the article to the Editorial Office with the purpose of its publication means automatic agreement of the author(s) with conditions of the License Contract.

  1. The editors reserve the right to carry out editorial revision of the manuscript.
  2. If the submission is accepted, the authors are charged a fee for the DOI identifier - UAH 51.84. (equivalent to $2 or 2 euros).
    The journal has no fees for posting articles.
  3. The article, annotations and information about the authors should be in one file.
  4. If the author does not have a scientific degree, separately from the article file, a scanned review (recommendation, review) of the supervisor, certified by signature and seal, must be sent to the electronic office in graphic format. Information about the supervisor is published on the website of the Collection after the annotations of the article (full name, academic degree, place of work, position, city).
  5. The editors check the article for plagiarism and send it for review. A negative decision on the publication of the article is reported to the author. The article may be returned for revision.
  6. After reviewing, the editors make the final decision on the possibility of publishing the article.
  7. Articles are published in the order of the general queue based on the date of receipt of the article by the editorial office.