Principles of Editorial Activity

The journal is a peer-reviewed international scientific economic publication, the basic activity of which is publication of scientific articles with the aim of their distribution among scientists both in Ukraine and abroad.

The mission of the journal is to form an up-to-date information resource in the field of automotive electronics, the introduction and improvement of hybrid cars and electric vehicles, the modeling of transport processes and systems, information technology and intelligent systems in transport, modern technologies for diagnosing systems and vehicle assemblies, as well as representatives of the scientific community ( researchers, theorists, practitioners, professionals) of equal opportunities to publish the results of their research, theories or views on mechatronics, logistics, ecology, the organization of teaching special disciplines in higher education in Ukraine and the world at different levels of issues and their free distribution.

The main objective of the Editorial Board is to implement the policy tasks of the journal, the main directions of which are:

  • promising directions for the development of automotive electronics;
  • introduction and improvement of hybrid and electric vehicles;
  • modeling of transport processes and systems;
  • information technologies and intelligent transport systems;
  • modern technologies for diagnosing systems and units of vehicles;
  • methodological research on the peculiarities of training and obtaining educational and scientific degrees by applicants for technical specialties. 

The release of Collection in the activity follows next principles:

  • supports the principles of the free flow of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for the common social progress; 
  • executes the requirements of Committee on Publication Ethics(COPE), of Budapest Open Access Initiative(BOAI) and Berlin Declaration Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, aimed at free and gratuitous dissemination of scientific knowledge, which supports rapid development of science;
  • adheres to editorial independence;
  • gives priority to the discussion and discussions;
  • removes any conflicts of interests according to the worked out mechanism;
  • encourages and supports scientific honesty;
  • gives advantage to the intellectual standards and levels of materials, but not to the financial and political benefit and commercial reasoning;
  • satisfies scientific necessities and interests of authors and readers;
  • systematic conducts work after to the improvement Collection;
  • quality of materials which are published guarantees;
  • provides anonymity in the system of mutual relations «Author is Reviewer (-ers)»;
  • informs the authors of rules and requirements of publication;
  • provides freedom of expression of opinions of authors of the articles;
  • watches after the observance of intellectual ownership rights;
  • develops recommendations and rules of criticizing of manuscripts;
  • develops the mechanisms of decision of conflict of interests;
  • operatively publishes a correction, clarification, refutation and apology, when it is necessary;
  • foresees possibility of realization of appeal;
  • accepts articles based on scientific validity and degree of usefulness to the scientific community;
  • adheres to tolerance in intercourse;
  • objectivity and impartiality in selection of articles for publication;
  • high demands to the quality of research;
  • double “blind” peer-reviewing of articles;
  • collective decision-making on publication of articles;
  • accessibility and efficiency in dealing with authors;
  • strict observance of copyright and related rights;
  • strict observance of the schedule of the journal publication.

The Editorial Board is actively working to include the journal "Vehicle and electronics. Innovative technologies" in international electronic libraries, catalogs and scientometric databases in order to enter the world scientific information space, increase the rating of the Collection itself, and the citation indices of its authors.

Members of the editorial board pursue an active policy of involving leading international scientists in the process of reviewing articles by the authors of the journal.

The Editorial Board of the journal categorically condemns manifestations of plagiarism in articles as a violation of copyright and scientific ethics and takes all possible measures to prevent it.

The Editorial Board of the journal "Vehicle and electronics. Innovative technologies" hopes that its activities will contribute to the development of domestic economic science.